Planet at VS&CO


At VS&Co, we believe in doing what’s right in our industry, our community and our world. To drive our work forward, we are evaluating and setting quantifiable targets aligned to our most material environmental issues—greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, sustainable packaging and sustainable products— to hold ourselves accountable and measure our progress. We are also engaging with experts, academics, peers and industry associations to advance our efforts in partnership with the broader industry.


Our Commitments


Measure and report on our greenhouse gas emissions, and continue developing our climate strategy to address our emissions.


Increase our portfolio of raw materials with a more positive environmental impact compared to conventional materials.


Partner with our suppliers to regularly assess their environmental performance and compliance with our environmental policies, including chemical use and wastewater management.


Optimize our packaging, including decreasing the amount of packaging and increasing use of recycled materials.


Expand circularity initiatives including piloting end-of-life channels for our customers’ garments.


Share with our customers the purpose of ingredients in products they love.

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Find out how we’re creating meaningful action through our focus on Planet in our 2022 ESG Report.

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